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The earth-moving company Maansiirtoliike Hannu Posti was founded in the 1960s. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations from timber hauling to earthworks. HV-Maarakennus is now renowned for its versatile machinery, which is suited to all aspects of earthworks.

This modern company’s operations include earthworks and demolition contracts as well as steel sheet piling projects. We achieve excellent quality through our highly qualified and skilled staff as well as by having the right equipment.

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We have implemented an environmental management system as specified according to the standard SFS EN ISO140001:2004. Our waste is sorted according to this system, and we aim to protect the environment in all our operations.

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All waste from demolition sites as well as hazardous waste is disposed of according to the regulations. We comply meticulously with official guidelines and legislation. When purchasing new machinery and equipment, we always pay special attention to their emission levels and fuel economy.

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We have a washing unit for the equipment where wastewater is treated with sand and oil separators before it is discharged into the sewerage network. When building our offices in Karjalahti, Kemi, we ensured that the solutions used were as energy efficient as possible. The buildings are heated using geothermal power and district heating.


Removal of the cladding and roof of the Lassila School

Excavation support structure of steel sheet piles